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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Various Artists - Marinated Soundz Vol. 1 (Compiled By Nhlokzin) [Marinated Soundz]

Electronik Deep - We Cruising 
Nhlokzin - Migrate feat. Nu'Ora (Vertrauen Remix)
Articulated - Maasai Roots (Afri-Dub)
Mlar - It Ain't Over feat. Mthandoz 
Gvin Deep - A Thing Or Two 
Mlar - Loosen Up feat. Bonga Black 
KonSoul - Level Up 
Bonga Black - Lonely Nights 
Nhlokzin - Believe in Yourself 
Articulated - Not the Blues (Ode to Black Moses) 
KonSoul - I Don't Know 
Gvin Deep - Who Wants to Know 
Electronik Deep - The Mesas 
Nhlokzin - The Reckoning feat. Bonga Black 
Mlar - What Do You See?