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Monday, May 22, 2023

Various Artists - Spring Jamz Vol 1 [Tropical Disco Records]

Jazz Mango - Chamba 
Corrado Alunni - Funk Decision (Vocal)
Phazed Groove - Follow Me 
Infrasoul - Zephyr 
Doche - Rock Steady 
Clarkson - Hot Sweet Thing 
Iaco - Jet In Groove 
David Zero - Vanilla 
Rafael Yapudjian - Beats And Hats 
Dussh - African Queen 
Cøhen - She's Gone 
J.B. Boogie - Blue Sky 
Mario Maltese - Shaka Shaka 
Reece Johnson - D.T.Y.B 
Cliff Colada - Disco Musik 
Paul Parsons - Kiss Kiss (Original Mix)
Nicola Nisi - Honey 
Stewart Birch - New Life For Me 
Walter Ashra - We're Going To Do The House 
Diego Forsinetti - Transilvania Express