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Monday, May 22, 2023

Various Artists - George Calle Presents Disco Lights [Savage Worldwide]

Roger Garcia - Disco Lights (Havana Hustlers Savage Disco Club)
KC Anderson - Time After Time (Havana Hustlers Private Mix)
Zonum - Two People (Original Mix)
Inaky Garcia - Another Star (George Calle Remix)
Mijangos - Mulata (Havana Hustlers Remix)
Adri Block - U Turn Me On (Havana Hustlers Unintentional Mix)
George Calle - Renegade Disco (Havana Hustlers Remix)
Dantana - No Liar (Savage Disco Mix)
Inaky Garcia - MFSOB (Original Filter Mix)
Havana Hustlers - We've Got (Savage Disco Mix)
George Calle - Turn Your Eyes Away (Havana Hustlers Remix)
George Calle - Stay Free (Dubb Mix)
Havana Hustlers - Leave A Little Time (Savage Disco Mix)
Havana Hustlers - Same Old Guy (Got My Dub Together)
Ricci Melillo - Watalife (Savage Disco Edit)
Keith Kemper - Made For Dancing (Havana Hustlers Remix)